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Rewatch Boiler Room's Panel on Fabric and the Future of UK Nightlife

The roundtable discussion included perspectives from Goldie and Islington MP Emily Thornberry.

by Angus Harrison
21 September 2016, 1:43am

Since the revocation of fabric's licence by Islington Council, the entirety of the UK clubbing community has had a lot of questions to ask. How did this happen so easily? Did fabric ever stand a chance? How do we stop it happening again? And, crucially, what happens next?

Thankfully, the community is going some way to mobilizing and ensuring that the relevant voices are heard. Recognising that fabric can't disappear without a fight, streaming giants Boiler Room today assembled a panel of some of the biggest names in contemporary club culture, the night-time economy and British politics. The panelists were Islington MP Emily Thornberry, drum and bass pioneer Goldie, London DJ Artwork, Amsterdam night mayor Mirik Milan, BLOC co-founder Alex Benson, Dalston Superstore owner Dan Beaumont and fabric co-founder Cameron Leslie. The evening was supported by pretty much every major name in the world of dance music, including THUMP, of course.

Over the course of the two hours, the roundtable discussion ranged from the perceived cultural worth of nightclubs in British culture, as well as the flaws in UK's current judicial processes. The debate was lively and provided some important perspectives on the challenges ahead. Watch the full conversation below.