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Draymond Green is Intentionally Trying to Piss Off Kevin Durant

Draymond Green is usually a pest to the opposing team, now he's turning his sights on KD.

by Patrick Sauer
08 February 2017, 8:44pm

Last Saturday, Golden State's Draymond Green came in from downtown, from Mitch & Murray, to deliver the motivational steak knives to Warriors teammate Kevin Durant, he of the 25.8 ppg with a .593 eFG percent this season. Things got heated late in the ballgame, as F-bombs were lobbed back and forth. But don't be alarmed, Dub fans. Nothing to see here. Green was simply trying to fire up his main fella using reverse psychology. "Third missed three and you're fired!"


"'Nothing in general,' Green said Tuesday when asked what led to the confrontation. 'It was actually a tactic. But that's for us to know and for everyone else to figure out ...

If you can't [have a dispute], you're probably on a losing team. But everybody that makes a big deal out of it probably are losers. So that's how I view it. Anyone who knows anything about winning know that's what happens. It just is what it is...

If you've got to hide something from one of your teammates, you can't say something to somebody, then you're in a bad situation. And me personally, I don't want to be in that situation. If you're on a team where you can't talk, where there's moments and you need to yell at each other, maybe that yelling is to get each other going."

What prompted Green's pep talk stayed in the locker room, but Pro Basketball Talk speculated it began on the court after a botched lethargic possession by Durant:

"What's happening here is not immediately clear. It seems like it might be related to a similar possession to the one that caused the issue during the game against the Grizzlies. Late in the third quarter, Durant had isolation against DeMarcus Cousins, then with the shot clock winding down tossed the ball to Green who had to force a 3-pointer."

We all know Green's a hothead, but who's to say his inspirational ploy won't work? Like down the road, though. Durant stunk out the joint against the Sacramento Kings in a 109-106 loss, going 2-of-10 for 10 points, the fewest he's scored in his career when playing at least 40 minutes. It was not a Cadillac evening for KD. Maybe a few "fuck you's!" were just what Dr. Dray ordered.

(Speaking of "fuck you's," both metaphorical and literal: Boogie Cousins went ham on-court, with 32/12/9, and off-court, too, with a choice expletive and a double-bird salute for a fan in enemy attire.)

Just another fun-eff-you-filled night in the NBA. One of many that players shake off by morning. It was reported that KD and Dray watched the Super Bowl together. All good, but never forget one thing, Kevin.

Camaraderie is for closers.