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Glitch Yourself with This Customizable Browser App

Pixellate, posterize, and mosaic your selfies with Felix Turner's webcam-enabled photo editing tool, MOSH.

by Beckett Mufson
27 February 2015, 2:30pm

Image courtesy the artist

Web developer Felix Turner has created a website that brings together 20 different classic glitch effects, from pixellation to posterization, into one webcam-enabled photo editing tool: MOSH. "We put a lot of time into building a set of filters and default values that work well together," Turner explains to The Creators Project. With 20 different presets, each with customiziable settings, he's created a world of options.

Check out some of our favorites, below, and head over to MOSH to try it out for yourself: 

Dystopian Surveillance Footage: bleach + scanlines. Images of the author

Psychedelic Mosaic: RGB shift + polar pixelating

Perfect Mess: Wobble + Dot Matrix + Posterize + Glow + Hue & Saturation

Visit Felix Turner's website for more visual experiments, and keep an eye out for an iOS app coming coming soon, for most efficient selfie moshing.


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