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Sculptor Creates Illusion Of 'Elastic' Metal In London Subway

These concrete and metal sculptures strive to "materialize" tension and make weight and stretch "palpable."

by The Creators Project
30 July 2014, 3:30pm

Images courtesy of artist

Update: After publishing this article, it was revealed that the Elasticity installation was actually a hoax, of sorts. It was never a physical sculpture piece, but rather a digital rendering that snowballed. For more on the fake project, head over to It's Nice That.

Sculptor Fabrice Le Nezet has transformed an average London underground station into a surreal world where ceilings stand without columns and metal bends like rubber under their weight. His installation, Elasticity, uses precisely crafted metal bars and big blocks of concrete to solidify the illusion gracing the Dalston Junction Station in Hackney.

"The objective was to 'materialize' tension, to make the notion of weight and stretch palpable," Le Nezet said in an email. "Massive and abstract metal structures support large block of concrete that give a feeling of force and tension while being static. Metal is used as a flexible material, as if the structures were made of elastic or metal spring. This creates a contrast between the real properties of the materials and the way they are perceived."

In an interview with It's Nice That, Le Nezet explained that he meticulously measured the location before completely rebuilding it on CAD software. "I was then able to build a very accurate version of the structures that would fit perfectly once assembled. The materials used are coated painted aluminium and reinforced cast concrete." He also added that comes from a scientific background, "so mathematics and physics are never too far from my work."

Le Nezet's work often focuses on manipulating the seemingly lifeless density of concrete, transforming it into something otherworldly and alive. His Measure installation lifts monochrome concrete shapes into the air with colorful metal webs, and the Fashion for Concrete series dresses concrete slabs in outrageous costumes that would make Tim Burton blush. Similarly, in Elasticity he transforms the normally overlooked columns supporting subway ceilings into seemingly gravity defying obelisks which grab the attention of passing commuters.

The giant hanging columns are a satisfying illusion, but we still don't know if we'd feel comfortable standing under it. See some images below.

Stretch over to Le Nezet's website to see more examples of the liveliest concrete on the Internet.


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