Meet 'Boltron,' the Old School Video Game That's Actually a Miniseries

This one's for the kids that grew up watching others play video games—and loved it.

by Beckett Mufson
01 August 2016, 11:50am

GIF via Exit 73 studios

The thrill of watching a top-tier player effortlessly smash and combo his/her way to the top of a video game leaderboard becomes a simple yet effective narrative in Boltron Ultimate, an machinema-style miniseries with an original story told through the aesthetic of old school video games. Our hero is the titular Boltron, who must defeat the Evil Maximus Omega after his creator Dr. Reboot is kidnapped. There are ninjas, robots, even bigger robots, and fish-controlled tanks among other visuals that only make sense in video game worlds.

Boltron grew out of a short demo for a game reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda, but with a robot. Exit 73 is reportedly releasing a playable version at an undetermined point in the future, and if these videos are any indication, it'll be a literal blast. The four-part series is packed with tiny references to classic games like Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of ZeldaSonic the HedgehogBejeweled, Street Fighter, and Time Crisis. Presented by Spindo TV and produced by Exit 73, the shorts are warm and gratifying to anyone who grew up watching their siblings or friends kill it at the arcade. Watch episodes 1–4 of Boltron below:

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