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Insta of the Week: Usher Teams Up with Arsham

What happens when an archaeologist from the future meets an R&B superstar?

by Gabrielle Bruney
15 January 2016, 4:40pm

The best way to predict the future is to create it. @howuseeit

A video posted by Daniel Arsham (@danielarsham) on

Daniel Arsham, interdisciplinary art world superstar and "archaeologist from the future," isn't new to working with celebrities. Remember that short film of his that featured James Franco in a spacesuit destroying one of Arsham's sculptures? Yeah, we'll never forget that, either. Our Instagram of the Week finds Arsham teaming up with another of his celeb pals—Usher. Together, they announce the name of Usher's 8th album, Flawed, and that they're working on "Amazing, Incredible, Awesome." Is it a song? The name of the album art? Another short surreal short film? Who knows. But we couldn't be more excited about this pairing.

And here's that Arsham/Franco film again, just because.

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