Body Drawings Capture the Worst of "The Mondays" | Insta Illustrator

The worst parts of you will relate to Benedikt Notter's eerie illustrations.

by Beckett Mufson
02 February 2016, 4:00pm

The secret - Das Geheimis 

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Jealousy, laziness, yearning—the feelings we struggle against every day are rendered with eerie accuracy in Swiss illustrator Benedikt Notter's Instagram feed. The worst emotions you can have on this hamster wheel we call life resonate with his flair for grotesqueries: a human La-Z-Boy is a weekend Netflix and chilling alone; an escalator into to a digestive tract is your daily commute. Notter warps every body part, from top to toes, in order to convey both the mental and physical sensations these all but avoidable scenarios produce.

On the other hand, one might argue that focusing on the ugliness inside isn't healthy, that we should concentrate on our positive attributes. But rather than making you feel bad for being lazy, being manipulated, being compulsive, Notter's work is freeing. Everybody has bad parts, and recognising them in Notter's work is cathartic.


The Unattainable - Das Unerreichbare #illustration #drawing #drawingoftheday #sweets #apple #fat #unattainable #art

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Hopelessness - Die Hoffnungslosigkeit #illustration #drawing #hanghimself #fish #suicide #hopelessness #stop #art

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See more of Benedikt Notter's work on Instagram.


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