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Paintings Try To Escape Their Frames In These Dynamic Sculptures

Mutiny! Dr. Yuki Matsueda's heat-press sculptures look like they're trying to pop loose from their frames.

by Beckett Mufson
18 September 2014, 7:00pm

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A quick glance at any of Dr. Yuki Matsueda's sculptures might feel like dodging a bullet—the speeding paint tubes, projectile egg yolks, and mutinous kings and queens that leap from his meta-paintings could crash right into you! Fortunately, despite their dynamic illusions of movement, none of these objects will ever make it more than a foot or two away from the walls upon which they hang. Matsueda's sculptures are coated in PET plastic, meticulously molded to look like they're escaping their frames.

The coolest thing about these 3D pop-out paintings is that it's not just figures or objects trying to ditch their scenes—it's Matsueda's images' essences. A nutrient-heavy yolk breaks free from an egg shell, a metal can pops out of a Warholian soup print, and the inhabitants of face cards abandon their royal trappings. The lifelike ways in which Dr. Matsueda freezes these moments in time—and plastic—are testaments to his handiness with his heat press.

No need to duck as you check out Dr. Matsueda's sculptures below: the objects in these images aren't closer than they appear. 

For eye-popping artwork, check out Dr. Yuki Matsueda's website. h/t Spoon & Tamago


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