Cracked iPhone Screens Become Accidental Abstract Art

Cracked, burned, frozen, and smashed screens make up this photo series of found glitch art.

by Beckett Mufson
08 October 2014, 4:50pm

Images via

If you've ever burned, dropped, thrown, or otherwise put your tablet or smartphone through the proverbial ringer, there's a chance your device made it into ex-Mac Genius and Redditor Tim Bonvallet's treasure trove of accidental cracked screen art. After realizing that the results of snowmobile accidents and falls from New York City apartment windows look alternately like abstract oil paintings and @Pixelsorter's chaotic glitch art, Bonvallet told Reddit that he felt compelled to document this series of "beautifully broken displays." 

Below, see the fruits of Chronoraven's curations—the most eye-catching cracked screens from a career's worth of damage control:

h/t r/glitch_art


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