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Hyped: The Week In Links 3/9

Busy week? Here are some things you may have missed.

by Kevin Holmes
09 March 2012, 8:00pm

On the blog we saw Quayola and Memo Akten turn athletic movements into abstract art, we looked at the new vision of Original Creator László Moholy-Nagy, found out the who won this year’s Pritzker Prize, and took apart Mr. Bibal’s “Supa Bibal Warudo” in this week’s LAYERS. We also found out what an Underwater Zombie Frog Ballet is, spoke with Money Mark about the Stop the Virgens “band camp,” found out how to make electronic music from fruit, and learned how you can boogie in the quantum world. We also counted out 10 of the best new producers under 20 years old, found out how you can make your own sound painting, and discovered how Graham Coxon crowdsourced his new music video.

And in the cyber realm…

· Real life Cyberdyne Systems, Boston Dynamics, has designed the fastest legged robot on land, the Cheetah, as part of DARPA’s M3 program. It can run at 18 miles per hour (mph) and make a grown man cry at 20 paces.

· The Super Mario Bros./Portal mashup has finally arrived. It’s called Mari0.

· The GIF, the animated internet currency that’s now become a fully fledged medium with artistic credentials to boot, clearly deserved its own documentary from PBS about its birth. So it’s just as well that they got their act together and made one.

· Glitch art comes to textiles with Glitch Textiles (above): “These textiles are a collection of woven and knit blankets whose patterns are generated from images taken with short circuited cameras.”

· The BBC asks: can you build a human body?