The Best Interactive Valentine You'll See Today

<p>This interactive site tells the love story of a fat lady and her apples.</p>

Feb 14 2013, 6:55pm

Forgot to buy a Valentine's Day card this morning? We’ve got something way better.

Send this link over to the apple-of-your-eye as a sweet reminder that you Love Them Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples, and that when things start to fall off the table, you'll totally be there to kick it back to them in stiletto heels and fishnets.

This quirky interactive love note was created by Random Studio and Geoffrey Lillemon.

Much like Lillemon’s work in Champagne Valentine, he brings a fine art appearance to this quirky site. Lillemon and Random Studio also collaborated on a series of neon fashion GIFs for Designer Bernhard Willhelm, and last month we featured Lillemon and Joost Korngold’s collaboration with Iris van Herpen—an extraterrestrial fashion video for van Herpen’s Spring 2013 collection.


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