Fredwave Releases "99" and Solidifies His Position as One of Britain's Next Great Talents

This is the debut offering from the 22-year-old writer and producer's debut album.
09 September 2016, 11:00am

Fredwave is an artist from Wood Green, North London. Maybe you know him from his track "Kno Betta", which we premiered last December and said "touched our heart so much that if it on a real life record and able to be re-spun again and again, it would've been worn out by now." Or perhaps you heard "Change", which we included in one of our Best New Music round-ups. All of which is to say, Fredwave has been away working on his debut album and today he releases his latest blessing, "99".

Written and self-produced by the 22-year-old, "99" splits the atoms of UK music luminaries like Sampha and Kwes to form something beautiful and new. In terms of its theme, it's about two lovers at odds. "Why go on, and on, I'm only going to break your heart babe", Fredwave sings, capturing the feeling of every relationship that seems to stumble bitterly and stubbornly toward it's natural conclusion. But the best part about this track? The guitar solo at the end, which sounds like someone passed a riff straight down from heaven. Listen below.

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