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Listen to Lil Wayne on "Clear Tha Set"

A standout Hot Boys Wayne moment.

by Kyle Kramer
03 July 2017, 3:29am

Day 284: "Clear Tha Set" – Hot Boys, Guerrilla Warfare, 1999

Just listen to this:

See I be ridin' on the block in the Lex bubble
Ready to come up out the trunk and make yo' chest buckle
When I come I lay the sprays wit K's by the truck load
Should've got out of my way you heard my clip shuffle
Now y'all was on the block with shotguns
But when I finished, made it look like y'all had pop guns
Dressed in black, long hair, long gats, lights off no stuntin'
Pack to the back, no mask, I'm thuggin'
What you wanna do if your ribs start bussin
Then 20 mo' nigga's follow in Hummers, so ain't nothin'
17th ward is where I grew up at
So where a busta nigga standin' is where he blew up at
I blew up that CMB, so respect my peeps
Or else you want yo' life to be all over the streets
Now watch me the younger soldier bring you closer to death
A little more than you expect nigga, I clear the set

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