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FORCES Return With More Kinetic Pre-Dawn Euphoria

A relocation to Berlin hasn't slowed down the Melbourne electronic act.

by Tim Scott
18 July 2017, 11:29pm

A few years ago FORCES pretty much owned the Melbourne late night. The duo's mix of taught and futuristic EDM and industrial beats had dancefloors getting urgent and releases on Nihilistic Orbs and Siberia were plauded by punks, goths and club kids. Their live performance at The Sydney Opera alongside Zola Jesus and Light Asylum was a highlight of the 2012 VIVID Festival.

They were like Severed Heads in parachute pants.

Now based in Berlin, FORCES continue their live electronics take over with new 12" NEWBODY.

Released on FLEISCH, a party/event collective come label, the EP's six tracks were written, produced and mixed by Alex Akers and serve as a snapshot of what FORCES have been up to to over the past few years. From the taught and neurotic pop and EBM of "Run" to an edit of "Idolise" that originally appeared on their 2012 7" on Nihilistic Orbs, the tracks are kinetic and powerful bursts of futuristic music.

'NEWBODY' is available now from FLEISCH.