Spoiler's Cassette of Spoken Word and Experimental Sound is Perturbing

Just hearing him say “omnipotent bastard” has us locking the doors.
28 July 2017, 1:13am

Stare into this gentleman's eyes and be reminded of your mortality. His name is Spoiler and he has some darkness to share on a new tape compilation that features readings from his book The Ashes of Howard Beach, accompanied by exclusive experimental sounds by members of punk and noise acts such as Destruction Unit, Hoax and Warthog.

A Belgian-born author currently living and writing in Montreal, Spoiler has played in various punk bands including 1-900s and Playboy, and the tape includes many of his friends from the punk and noise scenes including Js Aurelius (Destruction Unit), Jesse Sanes (Hoax) and Anthony Pasquarosa (SQRM, Gluebag).

Spoiler's prose, like his music, veers towards the dark and dysfunctional, and the eerie noise, sound collages, folk guitar, and avant-garde clarinet adds to a sense of foreboding. Just listening to Spoiler say "omnipotent bastard" has us peeping through blinds and locking doors.

Listen to "Normandie" a track that features Ligature, a project from Christopher Hansell from punk bands Warthog,1-900s, and get ready to be unsettled.

"The Ashes Of Howard Beach" is available by cassette and book from Permanent Sleep Press.