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Some Masochist Watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean' on Netflix 365 Days Straight

Just one of several weird revelations buried in the streaming service's year-end report.

by Drew Schwartz
11 December 2017, 8:04pm

Still via Disney

Netflix dropped a year-end report Monday on how millions of subscribers are using the platform, giving the world a glimpse at which of its shows are watched the most. But along with revealing just how many hours people are binging their lives away, the report uncovered how some folks are using their Netflix accounts to achieve some pretty remarkable, bizarre feats.

One American user apparently streamed Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl every single day this year. That's more than 800 hours of a life spent watching Johnny Depp walk the deck of the Jolly Roger or whatever, which is weirdly kind of impressive—a feat only rivaled by the Canadian who watched the third Lord of the Rings movie 361 times this year.

Although Netflix doesn't release a ton of concrete streaming data, Monday's report also shed a bit of light on what people are watching the most on the site. In terms of which shows people across the globe binged the hardest, or "devoured"—which Netflix defines as watching for more than two hours per day—American Vandal came out at the very top (which might be part of the reason it's getting a second season). Riverdale, 3%, and The OA also made it into the top ten.

Across the globe, users watched more than 140 million hours of content per day, or a little more than 1 billion hours per year. According to BuzzFeed, the US weighed in at number four on the list of countries with the most folks who watch Netflix every day—behind Mexico, Canada, and Peru, in that order.

Along with taking stock of its own data, Netflix shot a survey out to its subscribers on how they use the service, racking up more than 60,000 responses. It used the survey, in part, to figure out the top shows folks like to watch with their families—an honor nabbed by Stranger Things, which after seeing Hopper's heartwarming dance moves, doesn't seem too surprising.

Another finding that didn't come as too much of a shock was the fact that around the globe, more people watch Netflix on New Year's Day than any other day of the year. That means the whole world can nurse its collective 2017 hangover with a brand new season of Black Mirror, dropping just in time to spend the first day of 2018 imagining a future more terrifying than our current reality.

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