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I Listened to the New Lone Track over the Phone in Tribute to Rave Nostalgia

The UK producer shares a nostalgic roller on London imprint R&S Records you have to call up to listen to.

by Alexander Iadarola
06 April 2016, 12:45am

Photo by Jade Matthew

UK producer, Lone, shared a new nostalgic roller today on London imprint R&S Records, a label that's been around since the early days of rave and released its fair share of dance classics, such as Joey Beltram's "Energy Flash" and C. J. Bolland's "Camargue." It's a fitting sponsor, then, for "Backtail Was Heavy"': I had to call a (UK) phone number to hear it, just like first wave ravers had to back in the day in order to find out where illicit parties would be located.

I wasn't looking for directions to a muddy field on the outskirts of that big highway that encircles London, though. After a few rings, I was connected to a fictional pirate radio station called Levitation FM, hosted by an enthusiastic host called Normski. "Brand new sound, straight out of the underground. R&S, baby," he said, dropping the 'ardcore-indebted tune in lo-fi but still heavy hitting form.

If you're going to call in yourself, you might want to record the Skype conversation—the fees for repeat listens will add up. The number is 0203 1090583, which when calling from Australia becomes 0011 44 203 1090583 (and rather pricey).

In January, Scottish producer Alex Smoke released an album on the label inspired by history's most famous occultist; back in 2014, R&S co-founder Renaat Vondepapaliere narrated its 30+ years of history, including his first encounter with the young Aphex Twin.

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