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UK Funky Luminary Lil Silva's Tourist Remix Is Smoother than Brand New Silk Sheets

He's turned in a late night screamer for all you dreamers out there.

by THUMP Staff
16 June 2016, 7:15pm

This article originally appeared on THUMP UK.

It was dear old Jarvis Cocker—everyone's favorite slightly pervy, very tweedy, poet laureate of kitchen sink sex and intrigue—who boldly claimed that everybody hates a tourist. Being a tourist is great! You get to trample on other cultures and demand TWO BEERS POOR FAA-VORRR while stuffing your fat, red face with piping hot chips. It's great.

There's another reason why Jarvis was wrong: there's this Tourist! As Tourist, William Phillips releases club-infused pop that comes on like James Blake if James Blake was a bit less James Blake and a bit more of a Bloke Who Might Actually Have Laughed at Some Point in His Life. His latest album U, recently dropped on Monday Records, and he's asked UK Funky lynchpin Lil Silva to remix the melancholy euphoria of the single "Run".

Silva's turned in an unexpectedly gentle reworking. Anyone out there expecting the martial snares and frenetic, frantic swing of UK Funky will need to have a quick moment of readjustment before swallowing the delectably smooth delight that is his take on "Run" whole like a particularly delicious pot of yoghurt. Late night music for the bedroom fantasists out there, in the best way possible.

U by Tourist is out now on Monday Records.

Tourist is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter

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