The Liberal Party Just Got Its Own Snapchat Filter

Sorry Bill. The day before the federal election, Malcolm Turnbull has pulled an innovative trump card.

by VICE Staff
01 July 2016, 12:00am

Image via Q&A, sort of.

The day before the 2016 Australian Election, the Liberal Party has pulled the trump card—launching its own Snapchat filter.

The sponsored filter has a very straightforward message: "Vote Liberal." This is literally written on a ballot card that drops into an Australian flag ballot box when you open your mouth. Snapchat, letting you live your polling day dreams without distractions like a sausage sizzle, or the option of voting for anybody else.

The Snapchat filter of your dreams is here.

After you cast your Liberal vote, just like one of those positive reinforcement experiments where a mouse gets a treat every time it pushes a button, confetti drops from the top of the screen—along with a banner reading "A Plan That Works."

The moves comes a few weeks after Malcolm Turnbull first joined Snapchat, sending out a snap of himself at the pub with Wyatt Roy—who we can also assume must be the only Liberal MP under 40.

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The Coalition's Julie Bishop and Ewen Jones as well as Labor's Sam Dastyari, Ed Husic, and Terri Butler have all got on Snapchat this election, which also featured a groundbreaking and innovative "Facebook debate." Political strategy experts agree it's a deliberate play for the youth vote, but one that is "almost as cringeworthy as when someone's mum comments on their profile picture."

With the polls showing the Liberals pulling ahead, and just day left to change voters' minds, this latest move may have Labor on the ropes. Bill Shorten is putting on a brave face though, posting a blurry selfie from the campaign trail on his Google+ page.

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