Cops Warn That Young Women Are Being Targeted As Festival Drug Mules

Remember those young women busted with epic amounts of MDMA at last month’s Midnight Mafia Music Festival in Sydney? Yeah, this is what that was about.

by Wendy Syfret
31 May 2018, 5:43am


Last month police made a legendary number of drug related arrests at Sydney’s Midnight Mafia Music Festival. It was big news — obviously we were all over it. But one of the reasons the story stood out, other than the insane amount of MDMA they found, was the involvement of several very young women.

The situation has now been revealed as even darker than expected, with police warning the bust was part of a larger trend of young women being targeted to act as drug mules for festivals. It’s believed the four women busted at Midnight Mafia Music Festival were acting as mules.

Detective Chief Inspector Gus Viera admitted to The Daily Telegraph, “I am very concerned about how many young girls are being lured into this … They meet through friends, they think it’s a quick profit being paid on the night and that will be the end of it, well it won’t. We’re asking their friends and family to question them before they go out.”

Drug and Firearms Squad commander Detective Superintendent Peter McErlain also warned against the obvious dangers of getting mixed up in this stuff. “At the end of the day, if they are caught, they will be discarded by them like pieces of rubbish.”

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