A Mix by Peak and Swift

Dec 2 2016, 4:55am

Berlin-based wunder-duo Peak and Swift met some time in the early 2000s before forming what has become a formidable force in the DJing and dance scenes. Watch their Boiler Room set if you haven't already. This weekend, Peak and Swift play Subsonic Festival as part of their Australian tour. We had them drop into Thump on FBi Click to make a mix in time for it.

Stream the exclusive mix over on FBi, and read our mini-interview below.

What are you about?

Recovering from a long weekend at Renate. Whew :)

Where in the world are you today?

Still freezing in Berlin. But tomorrow we fly to Australia, can't wait to get some sun again!

Favourite record of all time?

Oh my...that's really hard to answer. There are so many unbelievable good records and genres out there.

Tell us about the best time you've played disc jockey?

Another question impossible to answer. We played so many amazing gigs. The first gig at Panorama Bar we played made us super proud, but also a lot of our gigs at Renate had been just great. For us it's all about feedback and the connection with the crowd. When you and them are one happy mess, it will be just great.

What was the first record you bought?

As a kid the first track i ever bought was "I Like to Move It!"

What are your thoughts behind the mix?

The mix is a memory of the summer in Berlin, where we played a lot of great open air parties. It's about capturing some summery vibes.

What kind of feelings do you want people to conjure from your music?

As said above, we always try to connect with the crowd as much as possible and go on a journey with them all. In general we tend to play a lot of different styles in one set to keep it interesting for everyone.

What's to come from Peak and Swift?

Well, we both work at Renate as Art Director (Swift) and Booker (Peak). So we are busy making Renate as great as possible. Also we're in the studio a lot lately, so finally we will have our own releases in 2017!

What are you going to do to us at Subsonic?

Deliver the perfect boy scout experience. Watch out! :)

Peak and Swift are playing alongside Ben UFO, DJ Bone, Sonja Moonear, Dro Carey, Honey Djion and a whole heap of top notch local and international artists at Subsonic Music Festival happening this weekend (December 2 - 4) at Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley Resort.

Grab the last tickets here.

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