Enter a Rainbow Universe of Glitchy Electronic Music and Badly-Drawn Pokemon

Hundreds of Pikachus. Hundreds.

by Beckett Mufson
12 May 2015, 6:30pm

Of the thousands of images duplicated, mirrored, and warped into the chaotic experience that is VJ art collective BRDG's new video, BOSOZOKU, one, in particular, stands out: the Pikachu face wearing sunglasses, scrawled haphazardly between snapshots of cats, an occasional touch of Japanese religious idolotry, and an endless stream of computer-generated images cut together so fast it can overwhelm the senses. Sensitive viewers beware—the video, like their hyperactive flower animations, net-friendly video collages, and colorful kaleidoscopic visions from the past few years, should be watched with an open mind (and a firm grip on reality).

Released this morning, the mile-a-minute music was composed by DUB-Russell using Cycling74 Max/MSP, Yasuyuki Yoshida made the video with Derivative TouchDesigner, the Japanese girl seen hopping, skipping, and jumping throughout the minute and a half-long track is Shizu Mizuno, and the illustrators behind all those Pikachus are Mizuno and hima://. Check out BRDG's website for more of their mind-altering videos, and check out a few of our favorite moments from BOSOZOKU below:


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