The Watercolor Mountains of Eleonore Bernicchia | Insta Illustrator

Reminiscent of Monet and Turner, Bernicchia's watercolors give us quiet moments with nature.

Dec 14 2015, 4:50pm

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Traditional beauty, in the style of Monet and Turner, shines through in Eleonore Bernicchia’s watercolor illustrations of forests, lakes, and cityscapes. The Montpellier-based artist posts the pieces on her Instagram individually and in snippets across posts in order to show the details of her intricate works. The images have the calm and clear feeling of mastery through the control and symmetry of brushstrokes. Combining light strokes with hard lines gives the paintings a depth and clarity often associated with works created in graphic design and Photoshop. Yet here in Bernicchia’s watercolors, she builds out landscapes that are colorful and realistic with a tinge of the fantastical. They are enough to swirl the senses. 

See some favorites below:


A photo posted by Eleonore (@eleonore_bernicchia) on


A photo posted by Eleonore (@eleonore_bernicchia) on


A photo posted by Eleonore (@eleonore_bernicchia) on


A photo posted by Eleonore (@eleonore_bernicchia) on

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