Gabriel Pulecio Captures Infinity in a Box

All with the help of mirrors and some programmable LEDs.

by Gabrielle Bruney
24 January 2016, 3:00pm

Images and GIFs courtesy the artist

Gabriel Pulecio isn’t new to making hypnotic digital art. But his latest project, Saturn Submerged, takes his practice to a whole new level—it captures infinity in a box.

Using mirrors and LEDs, Saturn Submerged  “creates an illusion of infinite space in an actually finite volume,” according to Pulecio. "This whole idea of physically bounding a concept of ‘infinity' which means 'without any bound' really fascinated me,” he tells the Creators Project,  “And I wanted to expand on this effect and create a box with a full 360 degrees experience of infinite space."

The box is lit with LEDs programmed with Derivative’s TouchDesigner, and convex mirrors reflect the light, making smaller copies in each reflection. "I was able to program infinite numbers of random combinations, creating an illusion of infinite boxes within an infinite space that is self contained in a box,” writes Pulecio.

As Lustix, Pulecio has a long history of working in motion graphics design, but these days his artistic focus is designing "systems where [he] can only control up until a certain point of the process, letting the system work out the rest to create completely unexpected results."

"But in order to achieve a truly successful randomly unique experience, everything must be meticulously planned ahead,” writes Pulecio, "There needs to be a perfect marriage between design and fabrication, with devices and materials in perfect synch with the concept and the technique.”

To achieve this, he’s opened a “fabrication and prototype studio” in Brooklyn. "I want to push the boundaries between digital and physical art by meticulously planning the juxtapositions of materials and light,” Pulecio writes,  "creating a fully unique muti-techinique experience where the viewers can't grasp how the physical object is made."

To see Gabriel Pulecio's projects over all stages of their development, check out his Instagram.


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Gabriel Pulecio
Saturn Submerged