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Laurie Anderson Discusses Responding to Tragedy in Art in New RBMA Paris Lecture

The electronic music legend shares from a breadth of knowledge and experience in the hour-long video.

by Alexander Iadarola
26 November 2015, 12:28am

Laurie Anderson is one of electronic music's most important figures, the artist behind masterpieces like Big Science, Mister Heartbreak, and Home Of The Brave, as well as, of course, "O Superman." She's also one of the most recent artists to give a lecture for Red Bull Music Academy, having done so just last week on November 16.

That's of course just a few days after the tragic Paris attacks on November 13, and, not irrelevantly, she took the opportunity to talk about how art and artists respond to tragedy. In the beginning, she talks about her 2015 Park Avenue Armory work Habeus Corpus, delving into the ideas and themes she explores there—namely how the rights of Guantanamo detainees are essentially waived completely—and their relevance to our current political moment. Check the clip out above.

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Laurie Anderson