This Picture of Justin Bieber, Kaskade, Diplo, and Robin Schulz Sums Up EDC Week

You just have to see this.

24 June 2015, 1:53am

Electric Daisy Carnival is a ridiculous place where ridiculous things happen, which is to say that you should be prepared at any moment for bass remixes of Nirvana tracks (note to DJs: STOP DOING THIS), hip-hop DJs dropping hardstyle sets (note to DJs: PLZ DO THIS), and TV villains coming back from the dead to push Above and Beyond's famous button.

But amidst all this absurdity, sometimes even celebrities can out-do themselves. Which is exactly what happened when the powerful white man squad known as Justin Bieber, Kaskade, Diplo and Robin Schulz congregated at XS nightclub in Vegas for a dick-comparing contest. Sorry, I mean DJ set! Here's the picture in all of its awkward glory:

Some context: on Saturday night, Bieber stepped on stage during Kaskade's set, where he sung along to the remix of "Where Are Ü Now." Let's analyze this picture for a second: Kaskade looks like a DILF trying not to smile too hard. You can't see Bieber's face because he's wearing a black grocery bag on his head. Robin Schulz is the lurker who jumped in at the last second, throwing his arm around the cool guy to fit in. Diplo actually wins this round, with the pretty hilarious "too busy texting my BBs" shtick. The whole thing is just wonderfully absurd, fully encapsulating EDC week in all of its bombastic glory. Part of me wants to be there, the other part wants to die.

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