An Album Of Generative Sounds And A Sound Sculpture Created With SuperCollider

<p>SuperCollider was the basis for Portuguese artist João Martinho Moura’s work and has generated an album with a collection of sound pieces posted on Twitter.</p>

Dec 28 2011, 7:59pm

SuperCollider Shape - Joao Martinho Moura (2011) - Berlin exhibition from Joao Martinho Moura on Vimeo.

In 2009 musician and creative coder Dan Stowell released, in partnership with The Wire magazine, a collection of songs created with SuperCollider. Each piece was created from the artist's tweets, one 140 character update at a time, using the music software’s capacity for algorithmic composition.

The album, accordingly titled 140, features creations from 13 artists worldwide, including Brazilian musician/songwriter Jose Padovani. The music is comprised of compositions of generative, electronic sounds, with beats and noises that sometimes sound like the soundtrack for a science-fiction film, and resemble video game sound effects at others. Regardless their differences in pitch, frequency or tone, they are sounds that seem to almost demand to be seen and seem to make much more sense when we imagine images for them, perhaps envisioning situations or objects that could have produced those sounds.

Earlier this month, Portuguese-born artist João Martinho Moura exhibited in Berlin a new piece created with SuperCollider and Processing called: SuperCollider Shape (video above). "Great part of the sounds and noises were recorded in a software developed by myself using EEG interface, except for the piano, which is an actual piano record. Then the programming was connected to the SuperCollider via OSC protocol," the artist explains to insiders.

Moura has a large portfolio of interactive media and digital music work and his main focus of interest is human-body-controlled digital interfaces. Last year he introduced his Master's thesis, the NUVE – Dance Digital Art project, which uses Kinect to project shapes and lines created from real-time dance movements. Check it out below:

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