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Rollerblading Is Cool If You Put Dubstep Underneath It

Super gnarly! Door Policy's "Growler" video pairs heavy bass with extreme Rollerblading tricks... and fails.

by THUMP Staff
23 August 2013, 5:00pm

Dubstep and extreme rollerblading... an obvious match made in heaven? I guess getting hit by a super-heavy wobble is kind of akin to getting smacked in the nuts with a pole while trying to land an epic wall-grind. Do they call it "wall-grinding" in extreme skateboarding? Anyways, you will get a lot of both of these things—bass-wobbling and nut-smacking—in "Growler," a new cut from Door Policy that's gnarlier than Henry Rollins riding a pack of wolves through a minefield.

Whether or not rollerblading gives you the heebie-jeebies, this video is fun to watch—especially all the Jackass-type bits where people eat shart, rail slide into their own doom, and pop weird things out of their hands. Director Matthew Watkinson, who has worked with Chase & Status and Plan B, has a knack for pairing dirty beats with wheels on feet, and he cuts this to the rhythm in fine style. Plus, there's something about seeing grown men get their "wedding tackles" into precarious situations while the bass is being dropped that really gets the blood going. 

Cop this heavy bass stormer on September 10, when Door Policy releases their No Cover Charge EP on All Day Breakfast.