[Summer Holiday of the Future] The Space Age Picnic Backpack

Speakers, USB hubs, cup holders, Bluetooth screens, and even a solar panel, oh my!

by Nicole Walsh
02 August 2015, 5:45pm

Images courtesy of AtelierTERATOMA.

With their high tech, astronautically-inspired designs, TECHNOPICNIC backpacks grant citydwellers with a Space Age substitute for Luddite picnic practices. From Spanish designers Eugenio Fernandez and Victor Nouman at AtelierTERATOMA, these knapsacks consider (and incorporate) all the needs of the average urban picnicker: the most tricked-out TECHNOPICNIC pack boasts an assemblage of digital paraphernalia including a set of speakers for the ultimate al fresco soiree, USB hubs to charge your mobile device, cup holders, a screen to receive messages (via Bluetooth), and even a solar panel for on-the-spot energy. The other products riff on the layperson's picnic essentials with minimalistic, removable tables, blankets, and pavement pillows. Now, all you need is the right space suit.

Below, plan your next urban outing with AtelierTERATOMA’s TECHNOPICNIC backpacks:

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