[Visual Dictionary] The Year of the Selfie Art

Visual definitions shed light on 2015's biggest art trends.

by Stefan van Zoggel
23 December 2015, 3:00pm

We asked some of our favorite artists to visually define some ideas and genres we felt had a big presence in 2015. Illustrator Stefan van Zoggel's Meme Movie Posters are almost as widespread as their viral subjects. He critiques self-examination with his take on the selfie, and the art surrounding it.

"Selfies are everywhere. In the world of art they're an especially common sight. I looked at famous landscape artist Bob Ross and decided to make him the subject for once, instead of the natural world outside. So forget pencils and brushes, here come the selfie sticks."

Selfie art to check out:

Image via

+Ai Weiwei

+Richard Prince


+Jeremy Millar

+The Art in Island #ArtSelfie Museum

+Andy Davidhazy

+Anne-Sophie Bazard

+"Idiot" Artist JK Keller

+Suwanna Ruayrinsaowarot

+Manu Dixit

+Dries Depoorter

See more of Stefan van Zoggel's work on his website.


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