VICE Sports World News Roundup: June 23, 2016

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by Brian Blickenstaff
24 June 2016, 12:20am

Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, America. It's June 23rd, 2016. Welcome to the VICE Sports World News Roundup. Be sure to stop every morning for more headlines from around the world.

On the final match-day of the group stages, we (finally) had some big time action at the Euros. Iceland won a game, beating Austria 2-1. If that seems amazing to you (it should), read my profile of Iceland's two coaches, which explains how they turned Iceland from a team of bums into a solid Euro Cup team.

Also, watch this Icelandic announcer lose his shit when Iceland scores the last-minute winner.

Portugal tied Hungary 3-3. Portugal finished below Iceland in the table, which is hilarious after all the shit Ronaldo talked about Iceland when the two teams drew their opener. Against Hungary, however, Ronaldo really showed up, scoring twice. One of the goals was incredible.

Uh, Congrats, Portugal.

In Group E, Ireland beat Italy 2-1, which sends Ireland through to the knockout rounds. Sweden lost 0-1 to Belgium, which means Zlatan Ibrahimovic is retired from international soccer.

Thanks for the memories, Zlatan.

Chile beat Colombia 2-0 in the Copa America semi-final and will face Argentina in the final. The fixture is a replay of the last Copa America final, in which Chile beat Argentina 4-1 on penalties.

Anil Kumble is the new head coach of India. As a player, he captained the team.

Heavyweights Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury will meet on July 9th. The war of words has already begun. Here's Klitschko on Fury's history of saying terrible things:

"I was in shock at his statements about women, the gay community and when he got to the Jewish people he sounded like Hitler. The man is an imbecile. Seriously." (H/T David M.)

Photo of the Day

It got pretty wet at Soldier Field during the Copa America match yesterday. Here's Juan Cuadrado taking a bath.


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