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Exit Order’s Hardcore Gearbox Runs at ‘Frantic’ or ‘Frenzied’

The Boston band return with an album of excellent riffy punk rock.

by Tim Scott
22 March 2017, 11:08pm

2017 has already shaped up as a big year for hardcore punk but it's going be difficult to top "Mass Panic", a track from Exit Order's latest album Seed of Hysteria. The chorus-drenched guitars and the forceful vocals of Anna Cataldo as she chants "There's money in the street", make it a frantic and clamorous piece of modern punk.

After arriving in 2013 with a great seven-song demo, the Boston based band's 7" EP follow up continued with the aggression but with slight shift towards a UK anarcho crust vibe.

Seed of Hysteria, a new 12" album available from Side Two Records and La Vida Es Un Mus Discos, has the band upping the ante that at times sounds like a faster Abrasive Wheels if they came from Cambridge, Massachusetts rather than Leeds, West Yorkshire.

In particular the vocals of Cataldo – who also plays in the excellent Leather Daddy – adds a bruising and powerful tone to tracks such as "Walk in Line" and "Still Water".  This is an excellent album.

'Seed of Hysteria' is available from Side Two Records and La Vida Es Un Mus Discos. 

Image: BandCamp