News of Zealand: Gang Runs Meth Dealers Out of Town

Also, exhausted junior doctors get ready to strike and house prices keep on growing faster than anywhere else in the world.

by VICE Staff
17 October 2016, 12:00am

Tribal Huk president, Jamie Pink. Image via YouTube

Gang Runs Meth Dealers Out of Small Town

The small Waikato town of Ngaruawahia is reportedly methamphetamine free, after a local gang leader laid down an ultimatum to drug dealers. Tribal Huk president Jamie Pink told a public meeting last Thursday that dealers had 24 hours to get out of town or face a visit from the gang. A source told that the Tribal Huk had followed through on their promise over the weekend and had "decommissioned" 10 drug houses in the area.

The Tribal Huk runs a community program providing sandwiches to 1,000 school children. They decided to take a stand against local dealers after discovering that 75 percent of the children they feed were affected in some way by methamphetamine. Pink has a history of taking drug enforcement into his own hands. In 2007, he was sentenced to home detention for using a sledgehammer on a methamphetamine house after finding out his daughter and her cousin had been offered drugs.

Police say they have not received any complaints about the gang from Ngaruawahia locals.

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Junior Doctors Are Striking Over Exhausting Working Hours

Junior doctors say working 12 days straight, for up to 16 hours a day, is endangering patients' safety. From Tuesday morning, more than 3,000 junior doctors around the country are walking off the job for 48 hours to demand better roster hours. They want the maximum number of consecutive days cut from 12 to 10, and number of night shifts reduced from seven to four. Senior doctors will be covering for junior doctors during the strike, sparking a new conflict with district health boards after their union demanded up to $568 an hour for the extra work.

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New Zealand House Prices Are Still Blowing Up Faster Than Anywhere In The World

Yet another global measure has named New Zealand house prices as the most explosive in the world. Last month a global ranking by Knight Frank named New Zealand house prices as the fastest growing on the planet. Now, leading Chinese real estate business Juwai has put New Zealand at the top of its global price index. "New Zealand has overtaken Europe to take the lead as the strongest performer this quarter with a 10.43 per cent increase. In contrast, the Australian market underwent a gradual slowdown," the report stated. Last month, Juwai reported that Chinese buyers were showing a growing appetite for New Zealand properties, with inquiries jumping by 50 percent.

Helen Kelly, image via.

Public Memorial for Trade Unionist and Medical Cannabis Campaigner Helen Kelly

Long-time activist and union organiser, Helen Kelly died aged 52 on Friday morning. A rigorous and respected campaigner for equal rights for all, Kelly will be farewelled at a public memorial in Wellington on October 28. Kelly was the first woman head of the Council of Trade Unionists and will be remembered for her work with the families of the Pike River mine victims and her fight to improve conditions for forestry workers.

She was diagnosed with terminal cancer last February. She became an outspoken advocate for medicinal cannabis telling VICE, "You've got to put these things out in the open." Her support for the legalisation campaign stands to be one of her many legacies.

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A Dunedin Inventor Has Made the World's Best Wave Machine

All it took was a beer, a rock and a river—and six years of development—for a Dunedin inventor to make the perfect wave. Ross McCarthy was having some beers by the Hawea River when he noticed the way a water current lifted over a rock. "I saw that and said, 'shit I could make that into a wave'", Ross told the Sunday Star Times.

Now his company AirWave has made a wave machine suitable for training pro-surfers as well as recreational use. "We are the first company in the world that can manipulate a standing wave while it is going," says Ross.

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