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J Hus is Back! And He Just Dropped Two New Objectively Perfect Tracks

These tracks are so perfectly crafted I'm not sure we truly deserve them.

by Daisy Jones
04 August 2016, 10:42am

You know when you take the washing out and it smells so good you just want to roll around in it? Or when it’s 3 AM and you’re ready to go home and someone says you can share their Uber because they live near yours? Or when you’re about to go to work on a Monday morning, but then you realize it’s a holiday and you don’t have to do anything apart from maybe eat donuts and catch Pokémon or whatever it is you like doing? Well, that’s how this new J Hus track “Clean it Up” will make you feel, because it is a track so perfectly crafted that I’m not sure we truly deserve it. I’m serious. The wordplay alone deserves more than just fire emojis. It deserves real fire, from a flamethrower.

This isn’t the first track J Hus has released out of nowhere in the past couple of days. Yesterday, he dropped “Playing Sports,” an afrobeats meets UK rap hybrid which is not about playing sports at all. Again, we do not deserve the heat that J Hus continually brings.

Listen to both tracks below, and click here to read our piece on how J Hus is carving out a new British sound.

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