Twin Cities Power Pop Super Group Private Interests Play Loud-Fast-Brash

Listen to some power pop done with a punchier and punkier edge.

22 October 2016, 12:38am

Yes, The Jam, Buzzcocks and The Nerves were amazing bands but unfortunately most acts who try hard to sound like them fall well short. 

Private Interests are no doubt fans of these aforementioned acts but the Minneapolis/St Paul four-piece play a leaner, scrawnier and faster take on power pop. Like acts such as Royal Headache, the drum beat runs at a faster clip and the framework is built around a punchier and punkier edge.

The six tracks on Only for a Moment, a cassette released yesterday on Forged Artefacts, are loud-fast pop gems with hints of garage and early punk. 

The band formed in the Spring of 2015 by Cam Soojian and Johnny Eggerman, who has done time in Real Numbers, Cozy and Mystery Date  (and who filled in on bass for Royal Headache on some dates on their US tour earlier this year). Originally starting out to sound like a Mod revival band, the four piece took some songwriting cues from the Big Book of 70s/early 80s New Wave Bangers, and then twisted their own punky takes onto tracks like "Bow Down" and "Show and Tell". This was guitar music made for high kicks. Throw a solid guitar lead in and you got quality power pop.

We've heard whispers that Eggerman is soon to write a power pop song about the Russian children's classic Winnie Pooh Bear. Stay tuned.

'Only for a Moment' is available now on Forged Artifacts.​