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Jon Hamm Has a Spinoff Idea Where Sally Draper Becomes the Female Forrest Gump

He called it 'Sally Through the Decades.'

by Gregory Loken
18 May 2015, 5:45pm

Photo via the Mad Men Wiki

At Sunday night's "Farewell to Mad Men" party in Los Angeles last night, Jon Hamm was asked about characters he'd like to see live on in Mad Men spinoff shows, à la Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. According to Entertainment Weekly, Hamm shrugged at the idea of spinoffs and prequels, saying that "it would be less fulfilling, somehow." That said, he did come up with a killer series based around Don Draper's daughter, Sally, played by 15-year-old Kiernan Shipka.

"We would want to watch Sally grow up," Hamm said. "Move through the 70s and turn into a rock star... Ride a motorcycle and kill a guy. Make a bunch of money and then become Oliver Stone in the 80s. Date Kurt Cobain in the 90s. She's just a touchstone for every generation. Yeah, I'd watch that show. Sally Through the Decades."

All those touchstones sound a bit like the credulity-stretching convergences in Forrest Gump—but with a dying mom and an absentee father, and now doomed to be raised by her aunt and uncle, Sally's got a long post-Mad Men road ahead of her. Why not ride on a hog?

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