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Post Malone Is Afraid of Ghosts and There's Video Evidence

Ghost Malone (lmaooo) appeared on last weekend's 'Ghost Adventures.'

by Lauren O'Neill
16 January 2018, 9:57pm

Post Malone may be a "Rockstar" (haha!) but guess what?? He's also a lil baby who's scared of ghosts! Appearing on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures this past weekend, he showed himself to be what's known in the biz as a scaredy-cat. Here's a highlights reel:

In all honesty I can't say I'd behave any differently to Post—as a person who is frightened of everything I sympathise. The location for the episode was somewhere known as The Slaughterhouse in Tucson, Arizona, and as such, he is described by the narration (which, as far as we know, is deadly serious) as "sweating profusely" which is both hilarious and quite ungenerous. Throughout the course of the footage, he keeps describing the atmosphere as "heavy, dude" (420!), but probably the best part is when a co-ghost hunter definitely gets possessed and Post moves slowly, but deliberately, away from him, like someone he kind of knows but is trying to avoid having a conversation with at the supermarket.

In a tweet, he described his ghost-hunting experience as a chance to "live my dream." To which I must respond: you sure man?

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