Pete and Bas, the Old Lads Who Rap, Have Got a Sharp New Video

Shut ya maaaaaawf – here's their brand-new video for "Burning."
29 November 2018, 11:23pm

Who are Pete and Bas? It's not for us to say definitively, though we did spend an entire Noisey Raps video trying to figure it out. What we can tell you is that they're two south London geezers who look as if they might have smashed a brick into someone's teeth in Canning Town in 1986, and that they like to rap. They've been doing it for a minute, for people like Grime Report TV. At one point they even made it into the Daily Mail – a barometer of something going viral, being messed up, or in fact both. "Pair of pensioners film music video for their grime track 'Shut Ya Mouth' on the streets of London," they wrote.

Today they're releasing "Burning", which we're premiering above. And what is it, that these gentleman are burning, may you ask? It's not toast or children's hair or four-month old piglets, but what they're "burning, burning", is "all this money" they're "earnin'". That doesn't seem like a good business strategy, but hey: do you guys. We'll happily "burn" some for you too if there's more going. Watch our 'who the fuck are Pete & Bas?' video below, too.

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