Steph Curry Clowns on LeBron James' Workout Videos, Kyrie Irving Loves It

You could make a mountain of a molehill about this—it's the offseason; you're entitled to—but it's pretty fun either way.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
31 July 2017, 12:10am

Former Warrior/current Maverick Harrison Barnes got married last night, and it was a joyous occasion. Despite having played for only two teams in the NBA, apparently Barnes has amassed a deep crew of various NBA stars to pay homage.

The Warriors makes sense—there's probably no bad blood there; ringz forge the love. (This is a wedding, after all.) But apparently Barnes is tight with current, but probably soon-to-be not, Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving, who showed up in full flex.

Well this is all fine and good and a tale of friendship and love—until Kyrie and Steph Curry find each other on the dance floor. That's when things turn hilarious, or dramatic, depending on your view:

You don't really see it, you say? What's the big deal? Just take a look at this, and tell me that Steph's moves don't look familiar:

You can certainly make this molehill into a mountain—it's the off-season, meaning that it's pretty much your job as a fan to take the minutiae and blow it into grotesque proportions. But this is a pretty clear diss, and its timing couldn't be more auspicious, given the fact that rumors have all but been confirmed that Kyrie is sick of playing second fiddle to LeBron. Steph's clowning is like watching a play unfold in front of you: there's a setting, there's dramatic tension, there's collusion with the enemy, tragedy, comedy. It's pretty good stuff.

But if you're sick of all that drama—and are fearing the impending hot takes from what may be no more than a fun little dance off—maybe you just want to drink in this nice little moment from Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle tickling the ivories:

NBA (red) weddings are fun, huh?

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