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Mets Pitcher Hansel Robles 'Pinched His Genitals' Then Walked in the Winning Run

The Mets still have almost two more months of baseball left to play this year.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
07 August 2017, 12:12am

Brad Penner—USA TODAY Sports

It's early August, which means the Mets are still, unfortunately, playing baseball. The curse that just keeps on coming persisted yesterday against the Rockies, as the Mets suffered yet another very weird injury.

Thursday's game against the Rockies was tied at 4-4 going into the ninth inning, and there was hope yet on the horizon for the Mets to pull it off. But it turns out, pitcher Hansel Robles was suffering. Not that the casual observer could see it, or imagine what he was suffering from:

Robles started out by hitting Jonathan Lucroy with a pitch. Ok, whatever, right? He's still got this. Then Robles later went on to walk a batter. And then another one. And then another one, resulting in a game-winning run for the Rockies. It wasn't a great feeling for Robles—particularly in his robles. But hey, Syndergaard might have some extra ice for him.

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