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Bailey Wiley and Miloux’s Smooth Neo Soul Will Melt You

Listen to a new track that has the New Zealand songwriters teaming up to create some soul jazz magic.

by Noisey Staff
24 March 2017, 1:14am

Earlier this year Bailey Wiley and Miloux found themselves cast on the Fly My Pretty's String Theory show, a collaborative musical and visual performance that tours New Zealand.

During conversations on the tour bus, check in line and late night after party, the two discussed teaming up to create some music together. Eventually they ended up in the studio together and recorded "Never Ever" that we are excited to be premiering.

Recorded and engineered by Josh Fountain, the track features Bailey's classic neo soul vocals and the pop smarts of Miloux to create a jam that melts smoother than the ice in an overpriced Old Fashioned.

Catch Wiley and Miloux launching "Never Ever" March 25 in Auckland at REC.

Bailey Wiley
Fly My Pretty's String Theory