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Kaytranada Teams Up With Alicia Keys On The Sensual “Sweet F’in Love”

(It's definitely a sex jam).

by Lauren O'Neill
10 January 2017, 11:59pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

For his first power producer move of the year, Kaytranada would like to present to you the electronic but slinky "Sweet F'in Love." "Sweet F'in Love" is about exactly what you think it is about, and it enlists Alicia Keys and her considerable vocal game for backup.

A sex soundtrack for a new generation, it's synth-heavy but not angular. Rather, it's a sensual builder which sees Keys' vocal—straight off a slow jam, reminding you why she's an OG—circling smoothly around the instrumental.

The track was released early this morning via Swizz Beatz' Soundcloud page (he is Keys' husband) and stands as a reminder that Kaytranada is one of the dopest, most original producers currently doing it, and hopefully this is only the beginning of a whole lot of new, mind-widening Kaytranada music for 2017.

Listen to "Sweet F'in Love" below:

(Image via YouTube)