Apple II: The Only Watch You'll Ever Need (Again)

It's a working wristwatch modeled after Steve Wozniak's original 8-bit computer, and thanks to Instructables user Aleator777, you can make it yourself.

by Becky Chung
10 April 2015, 3:00pm

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Forget the diamond-encrusted $30,000 Apple Watch (or even just a regular one). All we want is this 3D-printed, fully functional watch inspired by Steve Wozniak's original 8-bit computer, the Apple II.

"When I set out to design the Apple II watch, I originally planned to create a faithful, tiny replica of the classic machine in a wrist-sized form factor," writes Instructables user Aleator777. Instead, he used the computer design as a jumping off point to creating a "working device... an imaginative exploration of a wearable tech world that began long before we had the technology to do so in a meaningful way." 

Aleator777 first crafted 3D models of the watch face, then decided on the hardware, with Arduino as the software base. At the end of his experiment, he concludes that he "gained a lot of respect for the fine engineers who do this for real products." The artist challenges others to build on his own designs to make a fully smart watch, and you can check out his step-by-step process here. Below, take a peek at the Apple II watch: 

Via Instructables


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