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ALTA's New Single is One for Sunny Mornings and Quiet Night Caps

The electronic duo are back with another silky R&B goer in "Fix It."

by Issy Beech
09 June 2017, 2:05am

ALTA are one reliable duo; since forming over three years ago, the Melbourne act have been steadily releasing steadily great stuff. From 2015's Moves, to last year's stupidly good Sincere EP, and to "Fix It," which drops today, Alta appear to be on the up-and-up.

"Fix It" is—for all intents and purposes—an R&B goer. It's one for the club, for a quiet night cap, for a walk to work in the winter sun. Hannah Lesser's voice is like silk as always and Julius Dowson's beats continue to walk that fine and coveted line between pure pop and smart, new sounds.

Today on Noisey we premiere the video for "Fix It," filmed in the duo's hometown.

ALTA are set to play at VIVID Festival's Women in Electronic Music Showcase on June 17 in Sydney. More information here.