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Kevin Durant Doesn't Know How to Chug a Celebratory Beer

On the court there is no doubt KD played like a champ. His off-court celebrations were a bit rough, though.

by Sean Newell
13 June 2017, 6:05pm

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Mission Accomplished for Kevin Durant. He went to Golden State to win a championship and after a close, though never really in doubt Game 5, he did just that, earning Finals MVP honors in the process. Every time in this series when it seemed the Cavaliers were right about to turn the tide, Durant hit a dagger shot, and it was no different last night. He scored 39 points in 40 minutes, adding seven rebounds and five assists. He was, very simply, amazing. But once he got into that locker room, my goodness, what a mess.

When Durant finally did get a beer open, you found yourself wishing he actually hadn't gotten it open. To save himself the embarrassment:

Even before the game ended, you had the sense KD was a bit overwhelmed. With about 50 seconds left in the game—and the win secured—he tucked his face inside his jersey and bent over on the court, either in quiet contemplation, or experiencing an emotional overload. Whatever the case, the game was still going on and the ball was live, so Andre Iguodala came over, slapped him in the ass and told him to get his head back in the game. His response? "Bro, we about to win the title."

After the game, after he re-emerged from a celebration in the locker room, he couldn't stop coughing on NBA TV. "Sorry, I had to much champagne," he croaked.

Unfortunately for KD and the Warriors, they're a bad team that lucked into this Finals win and will likely never ever return for a chance at a celebration redemption. Bummer.

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