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Say Bye to MDMA, Ciara and Missy Elliott's New Song is Better Than Uppers

To be completely honest, "Level Up" Remix feat Missy Elliott and Fatman Scoop just makes me want to hit the clubs and get absolutely slaughtered.

by Shaad D’Souza
27 July 2018, 5:46am

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I don't mind the occasional Big Night Out. In fact, you could say that I really really enjoy the occasional big night out. I love 'em. Love to party. Froth a bit of a dance. Craves a sesh getting mortalled with the girls. Inclined to party regularly. But here's the thing, though: Partying gets hard. All the different substances, all the walking and dancing around, it's just exhausting on the body. I am quite young, but lemme tell you, I don't have the range. The other night, I danced too much at pre-drinks and had to leave the pub early because I was too tired. I think I may have found a cure for my lethargy, though: Missy Elliott and Fatman Scoop's new remix of Ciara's "Level Up".

"Level Up" was already a great track when Ciara dropped it a few weeks ago, but the presence of Missy Elliott and Fatman Scoop elevates it considerably. Helps it "level up", one could say. But seriously: This shit is better than uppers. "Level Up" remix is autobahn-fast, Max Martin-hooky, and fun as fuck. It's so disorientingly fast and weird, in fact, that it's a little hard to keep up with. I've had it on repeat for like, a good 45 minutes at this point, and I still don't know which bit of the song is the start and which is the end. Throughout, Ciara is spitting out lyrics that double as mantras that I want to live my life by: "I just keep elevating, no losses, just upgrading/
My lessons, made blessings, I turned that into money" and then, later, "I’m chilling, I’m winning/ Like on another level". Yes you god damn are, Ciara!

Every possible patch of vaguely empty space on this version of the song is filled with yells and adlibs from Fatman, and there's hardly room to breathe except for during the bridge, provided by Missy. When I listen to "Level Up" remix––which, from now on, will be all the time always––my heart races, my mood lifts. I just want to leave my desk and get a bit mortalled. I never thought I'd say it, dear reader, but here goes: I'm done with party drugs. "Level Up" remix is the only upper I'll ever need. Listen below:

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