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by VICE Staff
09 October 2007, 10:20am

Dear Vice,
Now that tattoos are as ubiquitous as a cup of tea, this weekend's London Tattoo Convention was unsurprisingly crammed. The annual body art binge in Brick Lane attracted the anticipated legions of punks, skins, goths, tribal ravers, Suicide girls, bikers and blokes with bulldog tattoos. But this year there were a lot more rockabilly girls and pikey lads bowling around with their shirts off. The tattoo circuit's major players were all in town, including Paul "King of Rock Tattoos" Booth, and Lucky "Most Tattooed Man in the Universe" Rich. Here are some photos I took...

This guy took his shirt off.

And then he took his pants off too.

This girl had a tattoo of squirrel sitting in a tree, nibbling on a hotdog, while a dog was chasing it, and the devil flew overhead in an aeroplane.

The guy had to keep on taking a break every 10 minutes because he kept getting cramp.

A nice button-down shirt and reading glasses are both great ways to tone down skull and face tattoos.

A big bod-mod fan, this guy is especially proud of the many skull demons tearing through his stitched-up skin. He also likes leopards.

But this guy really, really loves leopards.