Andrew Salomone

Performance Art

Meteorology Meets Fortune Telling at the "Weather Center for the Apocalypse"

Amelia Marzec parses the internet and religious groups to report the latest end-of-the-world news.
Andrew Salomone
Woodblock Prints

Woodblock Prints Illustrate the History and Sensuality of Japanese Baths

An exhibition of ukiyo-e woodblock prints depicts the evolution of Japanese bathing culture, even the dirty parts.
Andrew Salomone

Tiny Felt Creatures Dabble in Leather Culture and Business Casual

Polish artist Misz Ajdacki left behind a life in finance to make his little anthropomorphic animals from wool.
Andrew Salomone
virtual reality

These Smart Gloves Let You Feel Things in Virtual Reality

Design student Danli Hu adds touch to the list of senses you can experience virtually.
Andrew Salomone
Found Materials

A Vinyl Lover Presses Records From Unorthodox Found Objects

Michael Dixon cuts gorgeous, intentionally complicated records from humanity's abandoned ephemera.
Andrew Salomone

This Personality Quiz Will Figure Out Your Shape

A Timothy Leary-inspired online quiz generates an entire exhibition for artists Kayla Mattes and Justin Seibert.
Andrew Salomone
textile art

Incredible Knitted Moths Could Go in a Natural History Museum

Max Alexander turns Shetland wool into scientifically accurate depictions of various moth species.
Andrew Salomone

New York's All-Felt Bodega Has People Going Bananas

Lucy Sparrow opens the cutest corner shop in the Five Boroughs.
Andrew Salomone
environmental art

Kids Are Playing with a "Dead Whale" in the Philippines—Here's Why

Greenpeace makes a big statement about ocean pollution.
Andrew Salomone

This Artist Makes Impossible Eggshell Carving Look Easy

Shirley Hambrick turns a knack for glass carving into eggshell art.
Andrew Salomone
yarn art

Yarn-Bombing Artist Sets Out to Crochet Across The USA

Dismayed with the results of the presidential election, fiber artist Olek is traveling across the nation to create inspirational crocheted murals.
Andrew Salomone
art activism

These Art Activists Held 152 Events Over Trump’s First 100 Days

100 Days Action Organizer Ingrid Rojas Contreras gives us the highlights and lessons learned from of their mega-series of creative protests.
Andrew Salomone