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Uber Was Designed to Exploit Drivers

The company's disjointed, decentralized strategy makes it almost immune to labor action.
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tech harm reduction

There's a Setting on Your Phone to Help You Stop Being So Obsessed With it

You will hate it, and that’s the whole point.
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Samantha Cole

Can a Ridehailing App Be Ethical?

Via pays its drivers more than any other company, focuses on environmentally friendly practices, and wants to decrease traffic congestion. But is there a catch?
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Late Capitalism

Anti-Amazon Fever Is Spreading, and Big Tech Companies Should Be Worried

After the company's deal collapsed in New York, the next community-upending project might be a tougher sell.
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The Rise of T-Series, the YouTube Channel That Will Soon Dethrone PewDiePie

An Indian entertainment channel is poised to take over as the largest YouTube channel in the world.
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hate crimes

This Interactive Map Tracks White Supremacist Hate Crimes in America

The Anti-Defamation League documented and mapped 4,500 hate-related incidents.
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tech harm reduction

Texting Culture Is Giving All of Us Anxiety

Here's how to calm down when you're waiting for a text.
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global health

An HIV Outbreak in India Was Traced Back to a Fake Doctor

Unqualified doctors are a widespread problem in India, where the gaps between public health services can foster unregulated private clinics.
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Iran protests

Iran Is Blocking the Internet to Shut Down Protests

Reports say mobile services like Telegram have been shut down as protests continue across the country.
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