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An Indonesian Police Officer Has Been Fired For Being Gay

The former policeman, who had been in the job for a decade, has filed a complaint to the National Human Rights Commission.
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Election Season Is Boom Time for Indonesia's Exorcists

Legislative candidates spend a fortune on their campaigns. When the majority of them lose the race, their savings and their sanity, exorcists step in.
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mental health

Kids Keep Getting 'Possessed by Spirits' During Indonesia's High School Exams

Some schools are even employing exorcists to tackle the problem.
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Video of Girl Brushing Crocodile’s Teeth Highlights Indonesia’s Exotic Pet Problem

In another video, the girl talcum powders its body.
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Why People Keep Trying to Make a Dating App for Polygamists

It's all about mainstreaming an idea.
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It's the end of the world as we know it

Hanging With the Followers of a Doomsday Cult in Indonesia

According to a woman named Lia Aminuddin, a UFO will save only true believers.
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fried chicken

Indonesians are Getting Fried Chicken Delivered From Saudi Arabia

Why would anyone want a box of four-day-old fried chicken? I ordered some to find out.
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Is Indonesia Really Winning the War on Corruption?

Not even close.
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The War on Drugs

The Body Count in Indonesia's Increasingly Brutal Drug War Keeps Rising

Nearly 100 suspected drug dealers have been gunned down during raids by police in the last year, a dramatic increase over last year's figures.
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I Spent a Week Eating Nothing But Fried Chicken to See if You Really Can Have too Much of a Good Thing

Sometimes love hurts.
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Indonesia's Anti-LGBT Crackdown Could Undermine the Fight Against HIV

A rise in homophobic sentiment is making it harder for healthcare workers to reach those in the country's LGBT community.
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The War on Drugs

Jokowi Raises the Stakes in Indonesia's War on Drugs

Human rights groups fear that Indonesia's tough talk might lead to a rash of Duterte-style killings.
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